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As an industry leader in most of the products we manufacture, we are committed to quality through our list of national and international quality certifications, including ASME Section III nuclear certification, as well as NAVSEA military capabilities. Our corporate headquarters in Paola, KS is an ISO 9001-certifed facility. The employees of Taylor Forge Engineered Systems are available to help you meet your difficult fabrication needs and worldwide certification requirements.

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ASME Code Inspection Agency: HSB Global Standards


In-house testing laboratory capable of a variety of destructive testing requirements. Capabilities include tensile and weld bend tests, Charpy impact tests, hardness tests through Rockwell and Brinell machines, and mass spectrometry.

Quality is verified by in-house Level III inspection and a resident Authorized Inspection Agency. Processes performed by Taylor Forge inspectors include radiography (RT), magnetic particle (MT), ultrasonic (UT), dye-penetrant examination (PT), visual examination (VT), and positive material identification (PMI).

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