Harp Type Separator/Slug Catcher

The Taylor Forge Engineered Systems harp type separator/slug catcher is a versatile device for catching slugs and separating liquid and solid particles from pipeline gas. It is built from high strength material and in its larger sizes can offer cost and delivery savings over vessel type slug catchers.

The units can be furnished completely engineered including the pig trap, separator/slug catcher, foundation and instrumentation The separator/slug catcher can be buried below ground or placed on piers above ground as conditions require. Controls can be integrated into the existing systems. The system can be split in two halves for redundant operation and/or sequential construction.

Effective level controls are normally installed, including a vent line from a level column near the liquid manifold to the gas out manifold. With proper interconnections and the addition of interface controls, the sludge manifold can be used to effectively separate water from hydrocarbon liquids. If liquid particles smaller than 50 microns are to be removed from the gas stream, separator elements can be added to the dry gas manifold or downstream of the slug catcher.


  • Economical way to catch large slugs (thousands of barrels).
  • Gives predictable particle separation in the 50 micron and up sizes.
  • Predictable separation up to tens of thousands of barrels slug size.
  • Ships in pieces for field assembly with line pipe.
  • When slug size is large enough to justify the logistics of field assembly, and B31.8 type construction is allowed, the harp type separator/slug catcher will be considerably cheaper than vessels.

Depending on various conditions or the particular application, the basic design configuration may be easily modified. The use of multiple slopes and/or elbows allow the slug catcher to be filled to a higher level without danger of re-entrainment and carryover of liquid. The use of reducers and/or a two-level arrangement allows the separation and storage tubes to be different sizes for economy and more efficient operation. The two-level arrangement also shortens the installation and allows the bulk of the liquid to be diverted from the gas stream prior to the separation of the smaller particles.


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