Taylor Forge Engineered Systems engineers and fabricates products for a variety of industry applications.


We serve the global gas and oil, chemical, power, nuclear, aerospace and defense industries with a wide array of engineered systems and products.

Gas and oil: Pipeline, processing and refining equipment, slug catchers, pig traps and launchers, extruded headers, pressure vessels, piping, high efficiency Vortex Technology Separation equipment
Chemical: Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping
Nuclear: Pressure vessels, fittings, overlays, reactor wall penetrations, sparger headers, restraints, pipe, and pipe spools
Aerospace: Pressure vessels

Our Services

Specific Capabilities

· Two-phase separation
· Three-phase separation
· Steam separation
· Mechanical design
· Structural analysis
· Fatigue analysis
· Finite element analysis
· Pipe stress analysis
· Computational fluid dynamics